"The only journey is the one within."  ~Rainer Maria Rilke

My Philosophy:

  • We can have a more meaningful, fulfilling life.
  • We are all vulnerable to emotional wounds simply because of our humanity.
  • We may not have caused all our own problems although we have the choice to fix them.
  • We have the capacity to solve our problems even if at times they may feel insurmountable.
  • We can change how we respond and react to our environment.
  • We are entitled to not ‘go it alone.’

My work as your therapist is to meet you where you are emotionally and address what has led you to therapy.  I will tailor my approach to what your needs and goals are specifically.  Because psychological problems can be manifested in a variety of ways including emotional, behavioral, thought patterns or within the physical body, the use of multiple therapy modalities is most effective to facilitate change.


I will ask you to begin thinking about whom you are, observing yourself; what you do, how you feel and what you think and together we will discover the reasons behind those thoughts, feelings or behaviors.  Awareness alone does not mean change; however, we will explore tools that can be used that will lead to lasting change and life fulfillment. I will encourage you to spend time outside of therapy practicing your tools to find a new way of “being” in the world.


This isn’t always easy.  Sometimes it literally feels impossible.  My work is to be the keeper of your hope; to assist you in seeing your own light.  I believe in the possibility of change.  I have been privileged to see it firsthand.  Your change is possible too.  I don’t take your work for granted.  I am always honored to be chosen as the helper along someone’s journey.  I would be honored to be your therapist.


What you can also expect from me is that I will create a safe, contained space that will allow you the room to explore.  I will continue to experience training that will enable me to make use of my personal self within my role as your therapist.  In other words, I will be present for you.   I believe that it is in the established therapeutic relationship that healing can begin and change can occur.